Insurance Agents
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Insurance Agents

24-7 DISASTER RESPONSE  |  (937) 256-FIRE (3473)  |  614-836-0026

Insurance Agent Communication

Helping Our Customers & Clients

The difficulty in understanding the damages created by fire, water or storms, is very frustrating for your policy holders.  It is not only confusing but time-consuming. Combining that with a poor restoration process, can cause them to switch insurance carriers. ServiceMaster by Angler understands what it means to keep our customers happy. This means more continued relationships and a smoother claims process for you. We are committed to explaining thoroughly to our customer, the process of Emergency Fire, Smoke Recovery, Water Mitigation, and Storm Damage repair clearly and effectively. We keep communication open with the adjuster, agent or agency and the homeowner to ensure complete satisfaction.

We will work closely and diligently with the adjuster, agent and homeowner.

We understand how tough business has become for many. We understand the value of excellent customer service and the importance of relationships with our agents and adjusters. We understand we have a large market of insurance agents and companies to work with, and we take our referrals very seriously. We believe it is also as equally serious for agents in referring to the right company for their client’s needs. A bad experience can be damaging to our reputation (as well as the insurance company’s) which is why we take every step possible to make sure all parties involved have their needs met. That being said, we have just started doing “cold calling” on large fires. This is something we have had mixed feelings and emotions about for some time, however, our industry has become saturated with an aggressive and dishonest salesman and contractors, which is why we feel it is our duty to educate property owners on our services and methods for consideration. We want claims to run smoothly for everyone involved.

We here at ServiceMaster by Angler recognize what a huge advantage it is for an agent to recommend a good contractor that understands the value in keeping customers happy.  To replace agent loses can cost $1500-2000 to replace. This is big business, which is why a referral to ServiceMaster by Angler is your BEST CHOICE!

Serving Areas

Specializing in Disaster Restoration in the Ohio Area.

  • Clinton County

  • Darke County

  • Fayette County

  • Madison

  • Greene County

  • Highland County

  • Miami County

  • Franklin

  • Montgomery County

  • Preble County

  • Warren County

  • Delaware

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24-7 DISASTER RESPONSE  |  (937) 256-FIRE (3473)  |  614-836-0026